Treatment of wrinkles & volume loss

You can’t turn back time, but you still want to age beautifully in a natural way. You want to maintain a fresh look for as long as possible without disruptive wrinkles, folds or sunken facial contours. But how do you achieve that? Fortunately, in many cases nowadays, it is no longer necessary to undergo surgery to age nicely. With injectables (muscle relaxants and fillers), many inconveniences can be treated effectively and satisfactorily. Treatment with injectables is the number one solution to soften wrinkles and prevent volume loss.

At Betan Clinics, you can go for various surgical and non-surgical, aesthetic treatments of the face and body. Think of filler- and botox treatments, but also eyelid corrections. Below is an overview of the procedures we perform in the field of injectables. Click on a treatment for more information about that particular treatment. If you would like more information about surgical eyelid correction, click here.