About dr. Volkan Tanaydin

Dr. Volkan Tanaydin, MD, PhD, PharmD

Betan Clinics employs Dr Tanaydin, an experienced plastic surgeon specialising in aesthetic treatments. Dr Tanaydin has built up an impressive and extensive C.V. that accurately reflects the exceptional quality and expertise you may expect from Betan Clinics.

Dr Volkan Tanaydin is a double-qualified aesthetic plastic surgeon and pharmacist. With his extensive experience, he has proven himself to be very competent in the field of eyelid corrections, botox and filler treatments, peelings and skin rejuvenation. During his career, Dr Volkan Tanaydin has worked with internationally renowned plastic surgeons from Taiwan and Brazil. At the Pitanguy Institute in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) he has gained extensive experience in innovative, state-of-the-art treatment techniques in the field of botox, fillers, peelings and aesthetic surgery such as eyelid corrections, breast and buttock enlargements and facelifts. Dr Volkan Tanaydin has a PhD on the subject of scar treatment. He regularly gives lectures at home and abroad. Dr Volkan Tanaydin also teaches doctors in the field of botox and fillers. His motto is:

“My highest goal is to treat every client with sincere advice, dedication and attention to detail to the satisfaction of every client.”

Dr Volkan Tanaydin is a member of the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) and of the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC).