Medical care, as we know it today, was not established overnight. Regardless of whether the medical care is provided in a large hospital or a cosmetic clinic, the patient or the customer must be able to rely on the quality and safety of the care provided. How do you achieve this? By continuously and intensively testing the care provided and weighing up whether it can be improved. This usually takes the form of scientific research. Numerous aspects of care can be examined and enhanced by carrying out scientific research. In a cosmetic clinic such as Betan Clinics, for example, you can think of scientific issues such as:

  • Does cooling of the upper eyelids after an upper eyelid correction help to prevent swelling and redness?
  • What is the impact of filler treatment on the quality of life?
  • What is the relationship between the experience of the attending physician and the risk of complications after filler treatment?  

To get the best Quality and safety in a cosmetic clinic, it is necessary to be always up to date with the latest scientific findings. At Betan Clinics, science is therefore central, and the plastic surgeon only carries out treatments that are scientifically substantiated and proven effective.

Also, Betan Clinics’ physicians carry out scientific research into various cosmetic treatments to provide answers to important issues that have so far been moderately, scarcely or not at all researched. Because of the high academic background of your plastic surgeon at Betan Clinics, conducting scientific research is one of the most critical spearheads for providing excellent care.

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