In the Netherlands and Belgium, people can now go to numerous clinics for surgical and non-surgical treatments. It is therefore not easy to find the right clinic and the right doctor with whom you feel 100% confident and who will strive for maximum quality and safety every day. Any clinic, large or small, will convince you that you have come to the right place. That’s not surprising, but this makes the choice of a clinic or attending physician all the more difficult.

Quality and safety are paramount and should always be the first concern. Customers usually judge a clinic on valuable factors such as friendliness, communication and efficiency, but for Betan Clinics, quality and safety are the most important criteria that are evaluated 24/7 and 365 days a year.

We at Betan Clinics are convinced that quality and safety should be felt and experienced from the first moment of contact with the secretary to the final check-up after treatment. Even after that, we think it is essential that you should always be able to contact us carefree and without obligation. Excellent quality and safety can only be guaranteed if there are experienced doctors that:

  • put you at number one at all times and treat you as a fellow human being
  • are competent and perform each treatment with diligence
  • are courteous and compassionate, and continuously provide excellent service
  • make informed choices in a critical and well-considered manner


Dr Volkan Tanaydin is a plastic surgeon at Betan Clinics who offers you this quality and safety and does everything to make you feel familiar and carefree. For more information about the plastic surgeon, we refer you to our page ‘Team‘.