In our privacy policy, you can find all provisions concerning the collection, processing and storage of personal data as these are known to Betan Clinics when making an appointment at the clinic or visiting our website. The privacy policy has been drawn up on the basis of the General Regulation on Personal Data (AVG).  

Personal data

At Betan Clinics data is recorded in order to be able to provide good care. When a customer makes an appointment at Betan Clinics, various data are recorded in the electronic patient file: – Contact details (first and last name, date of birth, BSN number, home address, telephone numbers, email address) – Photographs (face or other areas to be treated) – possibly details of your general practitioner and pharmacy – Medical file (including your wishes and expectations, reporting of the consultation and possible treatment, correspondence with other care providers, history, allergies, intoxications, use of medication, medical questions) – Financial data for a treatment (amount paid, quote, invoice, proof of payment). Before and after the consultation, treatment and aftercare you will receive various questionnaires. These are medical questionnaires, consent questionnaires or feedback questionnaires. The purpose of these questionnaires is to assess the state of health, to obtain permission for a service or product, to improve care or to conduct scientific research. Personal data from this questionnaire will only be used for external purposes (such as scientific research) after explicit written consent and will be anonymised at all times. Anyone can revoke this written consent at any time.

Processing of personal data

Betan Clinics processes the personal data if these are provided to us or if use is made of our services or products. The personal data which Betan Clinics processes: – First and last name, gender, date of birth, address details, telephone number(s), e-mail address, details about your activities on our website, other personal details which you actively provide by making use of our services or our online appointment module, otherwise by written or oral correspondence. – Type of web browser and device used – Visitor information about various websites, for example, because Betan Clinics uses advertisements on various platforms.

Personal data of minors

In order to use our products and/or services, the visitor must be of legal age. Betan Clinics does not aim to collect personal data from young people under the age of 16. This is only possible with the consent of a parent or guardian. However, it is impossible for Betan Clinics to check whether a website visitor is younger or older than 16 years of age. For this reason, it is advisable to maintain parental supervision in the web activities of minors in order to prevent the collection of personal data of minors. If you feel that personal data of a minor has been collected by Betan Clinics without prior consent, please let Betan Clinics know by emailing or calling (+3150 211 3 876). We will carefully remove the personal data.

Purposes of personal data processed

Betan Clinics has a number of purposes for processing personal data: – To establish contact with you by telephone or e-mail in order to provide an optimal service – Adequate notification of possible changes to the services and/or products of Betan Clinics – Sending a newsletter and/or printed advertising leaflet – Analysis of your visitor behaviour on our website in order to improve the functionality of the website and attune our products and/or services to your preferences.

Cookie policy

Betan Clinics uses cookies to better tailor our products and/or services to your preferences and to improve your visit to our website. Cookies are short text files that are stored on the device you use (computer, tablet or smartphone) after your first visit to our website. The cookies only have functional purposes, such as making the website function properly and remembering preferences. Betan Clinics also uses cookies that analyse data about your search behaviour online, so that Betan Clinics can offer relevant advertisements and content. If you are visiting our website for the first time, we have already informed you about these cookies and asked permission to place these cookies on your device. You do not wish this? If so, please unsubscribe from cookies by adjusting these settings in your web browser. All information already stored in the web browser can also be deleted under ‘settings’.

Data of complaint procedure

If you have a complaint, you can make it known by emailing or calling +3150 211 3 876. Go to the General Terms and Conditions to read more about the complaints procedure. The information you provide in the complaints procedure will be kept separate from your medical file.

Access to personal data by data subjects

The personal details you disclose to Betan Clinics can be viewed by healthcare providers of Betan Clinics who are involved in the care provided to you. If there is a medical emergency or calamity outside office hours, the care provider on duty can also gain access to your data. For each treatment you undergo at Betan Clinics you must give your prior written permission by means of a treatment agreement. By signing the agreement you give permission to carry out the treatment. If you do not sign the agreement, no treatment will take place.

Personal data to external parties

t may happen that certain personal data is reported to external parties in order to provide good care. Examples of external parties are: – DBIR (Dutch Breast Implant Registry): this agency registers placed breast prostheses in secure systems in order to be able to retrieve data from the prosthesis at all times and to conduct scientific research. Registered data include the BSN number (encrypted), product data of the prosthesis and operation data.
– LIR (Landelijke Implantaten Registratie): this agency registers breast prostheses in a national database owned by the Health Care and Youth Inspectorate – It may happen that government agencies require access to your medical information if the law permits this. This includes the Dutch Healthcare Authority, Inspectorate for Health and Youth and police and judicial authorities.

Access to personal data during internal quality checks

Internal quality checks are carried out periodically in order to guarantee good, responsible care. This means that it may happen that your file is checked. The file must be complete and accurate. During quality control, the internal auditors have access to each file in order to check it on a random basis. The report that follows from the quality control only contains anonymised results. Your personal data will not be used. Questionnaires from Betan Clinics that you complete can be viewed by the attending physician. Doctor consultations take place regularly and medical data (anonymized) can be discussed in order to improve care. It may happen that you fill in a questionnaire for scientific research. Before you complete the questionnaire, we will ask you for written permission to use your (anonymous) data for scientific research. Data from such questionnaires and the medical file are processed by researchers of Betan Clinics. Data that are used for scientific research and presentations or publications are anonymized at all times so that they cannot be traced back to individuals.

Other data

The doctors at Betan Clinics do everything in their power to ensure that each treatment is of the highest quality and as safe as possible. In exceptional cases, something can still go wrong. In that case, you may need to be transferred to a nearby hospital. The doctors at the hospital should see your medical file from Betan Clinics that will be transferred to the hospital. If there is a considerable medical urgency, it may happen that the doctor of Betan Clinics does not request specific permission for the referral to the hospital. Betan Clinics is obliged to report a medical emergency to the Health Care and Youth Inspectorate. If it is an emergency in which you are involved, we will inform you of the report. Reporting the calamity means that personal details of you as the person involved will be passed on to the authority. This concerns: first and last name, date of birth, telephone number and address. If you call the emergency number of Betan Clinics outside office hours, you will speak to a nurse or doctor on duty at Betan Clinics. This person will register your name, date of birth, telephone number and a description of your emergency. The data can be sent to a physician on duty to provide adequate care. When you call the emergency number, you are not explicitly asked for permission to send data to the attending physician. If you submit a complaint to Betan Clinics one of the care providers has access to your personal details. A complaint can be submitted to Betan Clinics or an external body (e.g. Geschillencommissie Zorg, the disciplinary board, Inspectie voor Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd). In the event the complaint requires the assistance of a third person, the personal details will be provided carefully and as anonymously as possible.

Retention period of personal data

Betan Clinics stores personal data at least in accordance with the legal objection and destruction periods. Betan Clinics does not keep your data longer than is necessary to achieve the objectives on the basis of the personal data. The retention periods of personal data at Betan Clinics are as follows: Personal data during a consultation and treatment: 15 years or more (depending on the duration of the treatment history)Financial data: 7 years or longer
Marketing and promotional purposes: for a maximum of 15 years

Security of personal data

Betan Clinics makes every effort to protect your personal data as much as possible. Safeguarding your privacy is a high priority. Internally it is ensured that Betan Clinics complies with the legislation and regulations concerning the security of personal data. In exceptional cases it may occur that something goes wrong in this security. In that case Betan Clinics has an obligation to report. In this case we are obliged to inform you about the details which have become public in the event of a data breach. We give you advice on how best to deal with this. The exact procedure of a data breach can be read on the website of the Authority for Personal Data: If you are aware or suspect a data breach, you can contact us directly by e-mail ( or by phone (+3150 211 3 876).

Your rights

The General Data Protection Ordinance (AVG) ensures the safe use, processing and storage of personal data. This law also includes the rights of the patient or client with regard to the medical record. These are, for example:
A. The right to a copy of the medical file
B. The right to access and update the medical record
C. The right to the destruction of the medical record
A. Right to a copy of the medical file

At Betan Clinics, you can apply to receive a copy of your medical file. You can submit an application by email ( We will then contact you to verify your email. Your medical file will then be sent to you by registered post or e-mail within a few working days.
B1. The right of access to the medical file

You are free to consult your medical file at any time. You can make an appointment with Betan Clinics to consult your medical file together with an employee.
B2. The right to update the medical record
If you wish to amend your medical file, either by means of a supplement or correction, you can discuss this with your attending physician. The attending physician will assess whether the adjustment is well-founded and can be adopted. This assessment is necessary to ensure safe treatment.
C. The right to the destruction of the medical record
Within the limits of the law, it is permitted to destroy a medical record. If you wish the medical file to be destroyed, please send us an email ( We will then contact you to verify your email. Betan Clinics will respond to your request within 3 months, unless it is determined by law that the data must be kept. Consider, for example, the interest of someone else or the necessity of the data for the provision of adequate care. If your request is rejected by Betan Clinics, Betan Clinics will inform you of this in writing with the reason for the rejection. If the medical file may be destroyed, you will receive notification of the destruction. Betan Clinics will at all times send you a copy of the file by registered post or email, so that you will always have the data at your disposal in case of unforeseen circumstances. If only a part of the medical file needs to be removed at your request, a statement will be added to your medical file stating that a part has been removed at your request.

Additional questions

If you have any questions about Betan Clinics’ privacy and security policy regarding your personal data, you can always contact us. We would also be pleased to hear from you if you suspect that there is a data breach or weakness in our privacy policy. This may also be done anonymously. If it concerns sensitive information, we would like to ask you to send your e-mail encrypted to Betan Clinics. Phone number: 050 211 3 876 E-mail: You also have the possibility to lodge a complaint with the national data protection authority: the Personal Data Authority. This is possible via the following link:


The following parties are used to process the data:

A processing agreement in accordance with AVG requirements has been concluded with these parties.

Safety aspects

For the secure electronic processing of data, encrypted backups are made by the processors. The environments are all accessed over https, so the traffic over the internet is encrypted. A userid and a password are used. If e-mail is used with regard to medical data, it is always sent by means of encryption/TLS (transport layer security).