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Betan Clinics is a leading clinic in Groningen, Leeuwarden, Sneek, Emmen and Hoogeveen where you can go for various surgical and non-surgical, aesthetic treatments of your body and face.

Every treatment is a new challenge.

Betan Clinics is a high-end clinic where the plastic surgeon is used to working at a very high and challenging level due to his extensive expertise. This is characterized by the fact that he performs every treatment (large or small) with maximum dedication and an eye for detail.

The newest treatments for the best results.

No two treatments are the same. The plastic surgeon is continuously up to date with the latest treatment techniques and applies them in practice. This results in unique and satisfying results that meet or even exceed the client’s expectations.

Only natural results. In other words: less is more.

At Betan Clinics, the emphasis is on obtaining natural results. The plastic surgeon will perform each treatment in a subtle and refined way. The own unique anatomy, facial expressions and contours are retained. Only the accents are emphasized that make a face fresh and youthful.

Make a subtle impression on the people around you.

The aim is that the appearance is so radiant that others have no idea about the treatment. Clients often receive compliments on their fresh appearance in the workplace, with friends or at the gym. Still, the environment does not see that a botulinum toxin treatment, filler treatment or eyelid correction has taken place.