At Betan Clinics, you can rest assured that we take the care provided extremely seriously. However, it may occur that you are not satisfied or have a complaint about the care provided or the communication in general. We take a complaint seriously at all times and pay attention to it with the entire team. We will always do our best to find a solution together with you. Should it occur that we are unable to find a solution together, then the complaints procedure will be arranged by DOKh. DOKh is a national dispute resolution body that handles your complaint and discusses the possibilities of arriving at a suitable solution with you. Read more about DOKh’s complaints procedure below.

You have a complaint about your doctor. What’s next?

DOKh complaints procedure

A good relationship between you and your attending physician is important. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that disrupt this relationship. You are dissatisfied, you have a complaint. This page tells you what you can do if you have a problem with your doctor. You can read what the possibilities are for solving your complaint and how DOKh’s complaints procedure deals with your complaint.

Finding a solution together

First, try to discuss and solve the problem in a personal conversation with your doctor. In many cases, this way a conversation can be very enlightening for both parties and the attending physician and his organisation can learn from your feedback. When requesting such a meeting, indicate that you would like to discuss a complaint with your attending physician and that you would like to reserve more time for this. This will often resolve your complaint in a satisfactory way for you.

If this does not work, your doctor will put you in contact with the DOKh complaints officer.

Complaint handling

You will have an interview with the complaints officer. He or she will, as it were, deal with your complaint. You can come to him or her with your questions, you will receive advice and, if necessary, help in formulating the complaint in writing. If your complaint is clear, you will work with the complaints officer to find a solution. The first option that is usually chosen is complaint mediation. You can indicate to your complaints officer whether you are open to this.

Complaint mediation

Many complaints can be resolved in a conversation where an impartial mediator sits at the table. If both you and your doctor indicate that mediation is desired, an initial mediation interview will follow within two weeks. The aforementioned complaints officer acts as mediator.

During the mediation talks, you and your attending physician will have the opportunity to explain the event(s). If the understanding grows on both sides, a workable situation often arises again. The ultimate goal of the mediation is to restore the relationship of trust between you and your doctor.

Rules of the game

  • Help from the Complaints Officer, the Complaints Mediation and Complaint Handling are free of charge for you.
  • Mediation is only successful if both parties agree.
  • Mediation is based on mutual respect and trust.
  • All parties involved in the process are extremely careful with your privacy and have an obligation of confidentiality.
  • The complete complaints procedure can be downloaded at

Can’ t find a solution with the complaints officer?

If you are unable to find a solution despite the mediation talks, the complaints officer will support you in the next step. Your complaint will then become a dispute.

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